"KAZ-EN" LLP is a company of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics since 2002 at Atyrau, Kazakhstan. The main task of the company is the creation of strong, positive and long-term partner relations with each client, the willingness of the company to offer the most advanced solutions.

"KAZ-EN" LLP has state licenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as an accredited company for GOST / ISO / IEC 17025 standards.

"KAZ-EN" LLP is an enterprise that carries out its activities in strict compliance with the requirements of international standards in the field of quality management ISO 9001, environmental protection ISO 14001 and occupational safety OHSAS 18001, as evidenced by certificates of compliance issued to the Association in 2017 by one of the most authoritative bodies for certification - Swiss TS Technical Services AG.

The company has modern certified laboratories, among which the laboratory of the company "KAZ-EN" stands out. Highly qualified personnel with many years of experience work here, quickly and accurately conducting any kind of examination of welded joints. The laboratory of non-destructive testing equipped with the latest technology will estimate the properties and parameters of the object under study with high accuracy. From many years, KAZ-EN serviced with large companies like NCOC, TCO, GATE, SENIMDIKURYLYS, SICIM S.p.A, ISKER, Bonatti, MCC, CCC, NSS, KIOS, KCOI, PUNJLOYDS, etc.

The company performs several types of nondestructive testing for the oil and gas industry and related areas are:

  • • Radiographic Testing;
  • • Ultrasonic Testing;
  • • Magnetic Particle Testing;
  • • Penetrant Testing;
  • • Positive Material Identification;
  • • Visual Testing;
  • • Hardness Testing;
  • • Eddy current Testing;
  • • Ferrite Testing;
  • • Phased Arrays Ultrasonic Testing;

"KAZ-EN" LLP also has its own stationary mobile laboratory. These specialized applications accelerate the verification process and give accurate results without interrupting the workflow and deliver the equipment directly to the test site. Mobile laboratory of non-destructive testing allows carrying out diagnostics of the state of metal products and welded seams.

«KAZ-EN» LLP also provide advanced NDT services use innovative technology to inspect and analyze anomalies in your equipment with fewer disruption to operations. These specialized applications speed up the inspection process and can often provide accurate results without interrupting your workflow.

«KAZ-EN» LLP has a worldwide network of technically competent and highly skilled, multi-disciplined Auditors and Quality Surveillance Engineers who are capable of monitoring, advising and reporting on a wide range of activities involved in the oil and gas construction and production work.

Our scope of work on QA/QC inspection cover:

  • - Safety and Environment Inspection
  • - Monitoring the functionality of the contractors and subcontractors HSE Procedures
  • - Reviewing the contractor’s and subcontractor’s HSE Procedure against client contract requirements
  • - Generating HSE case output needed for periodic reporting of the status of the project
  • - Reviewing «KAZ-EN» contractor’s and subcontractor’s inspection and test plans against the
  • «KAZ-EN» contract scope of work

Other areas of quality surveillance / inspection carried out by the company include:

  • - Mechanical inspection
  • - Civil work inspection
  • - Building works inspection
  • - Paint inspection
  • - Coat and wrap inspection
  • - Welding inspection


NDT services help you reduce overall costs of inspection, decrease maintenance costs and ensure reliable operating processes. We provide a wide spectrum of in-lab and callout advanced NDT / NDE services.

  • Phased Array Ultrasonic’s (PAUT) with Full Matrix Capture (FMC)Omni Scan MX2
  • High Temperature PAUT (up to 700°F)
  • Tubular Examination
  • Automated Corrosion Mapping (ACM)

«KAZ-EN» LLP has wide variety equipment like:

  • Omni scan MX2 - ultrasonic flaw detector
  • Delta 880 - Source Projector
  • Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 XRF Analyzer
  • ERESCO MF4 Reliable, Lightweight , Portable X-ray Generator
  • TROXLER - instrument for measuring density and humidity on the surface
  • And many other devices for measuring