«KAZ-EN» LLP is a company on non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics since 2002 in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

The company has modern certified laboratories, among which the laboratory of the company «KAZ-EN» stands out. Highly qualified personnel with many years of experience quickly and accurately conducting any kind of examination of welded joints work here. The laboratory of non-destructive testing equipped with the latest technology with high accuracy estimates the properties and parameters of the object under study. «KAZ-EN» has been serving large companies like NCOC, TCO, GATE, SENIMDIKURYLYS, SICIM S.p.A, ISKER, Bonatti, MCC, CCC, NSS, KIOS, KCOI, PunjLloyd, etc.

«KAZ-EN» LLP also provides advanced NDT services, using innovative technologies to check and analyze anomalies in your equipment with fewer failures during operation. These specialized applications speed up maintenance operational check and give accurate results without work process int «KAZ-EN» LLP has a wide network of technically competent and highly qualified inspectors of various profiles who control,consult and report a wide range of activities related to work on oil and gas construction and production.

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